Sacred Ceremonial Gathering with Lisa Ahrens & Gwen Burdick

December 21 , 2018
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

The Yoga Sanctuary, Punta Gorda

Members of communities have been gathering for sacred and healing ceremonial rituals since ancient times. Join The Yoga Sanctuary and their on-going multi-cultural and multi-traditional blend of this core spiritual practice. Led by Lisa and Gwen, this month we are gathering on the Winter Solstice and December’s Full Moon – a rare combination. This seasonal gathering is unique in that it is the darkest night of the year, but will be illuminated by the light of the Full Moon. It is an important day to set your intentions for the New Year as we move into the light of tomorrow. Those who wish to accelerate the cleansing and release of that which no longer serves then, the asking for help or guidance, or the cherishing of gifts that have been given, will benefit from attending and participating in this ceremony. Open to all. No experience necessary. Cost: $18

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