fold 3 Discover your family\’s history

fold 3 Discover your family\'s history
December 3 , 2019
1:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Military Heritage Museum, Punta Gorda

As part of Punta Gorda Founder’s Day
week, on December 3, the Military
Heritage Museum will kick off its new
military family history program in the
museum’s Academy Library. Veterans,
their families, and their descendants
share an abiding interest in the military experiences and exploits of their ancestors. The Library will be a resource to answer their inquiry “Can you help me find out about my grand-dad in the Civil War or my grandmother in WWII?” School educators can use the capability for the US History classes to stimulate interest and research skills among the next generation.
The program will be kicked off with a seminar at 1:30 PM on Dec. 3rd focused on helping visitors discover their family’s military heritage by using our research library’s extensive resources through access to this unique data base. The Museum is licensed to provide this service and is the only location in the area able to leverage its military record collections, which go back as far as the Revolutionary War, with the on-line search. Expert staff will be available two days a week to aid your discovery of your family’s military heritage. Future seminars will demonstrate advanced techniques in ancestry research and even how to write a book on it!

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