Chuckle Hut Comedy Show – Millennial Brewing Co.

April 3 , 2021
10:00 PM - 11:30 PM

Millennial Brewing Co., Fort Myers

Chuckle Hut Comedy Night comes to Millennial Brewing Co. on Saturday, April 3rd!

1811 Royal Palm Ave
Fort Myers, FL 3301

Doors: 9:30PM | Show: 10:00PM

Tickets are $10 and available at

Host: Rob Garguilo
Rob is a radio personality and comedian who’s been entertaining audiences with his fun loving attitude for over a decade. Currently, Rob is the co-host of The People’s Morning Show on 105.7 The X. Prior to that, Rob hosted his own show, The Robb Show, on 96k-Rock in Fort Myers.

Feature Act: Jeff Klein
Jeff Klein has been in a few movies that most have never seen. He’s been in over a dozen infomercials, most weren’t awake enough to remember. Jeff’s style of comedy is observational, complainy, self deprecating, and hilarious. He’s been in a few different communities that he never feels a part of. He’s a tall, gay, white, out of shape gay man in 2021…what could go wrong? Jeff’s performed in the Pride Comedy Festivals in LA and Ft. Lauderdale.

Headliner: Danny Bevins
Once upon a time, a Jesus freak and a Green Beret fell in love, got married and during an act of afternoon delight, forgot to use protection. Nine months later, a comedian was born. He was named Danny because the staff at Tampa General Hospital believed the name Dreamkiller was inappropriate. Since then, he’s been arrested, fined, fired, beaten up and excommunicated; while being called a juvenile delinquent, soldier, flight attendant, patient, husband, father and lately “disturbingly hilarious”.

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