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Trust & Verify: Florida is one of the top 5 states for banned books

The term 'book ban' has grown in popularity over the past year. The term refers to the books that groups want, or have pulled...

Trust & Verify: Severe shortage of home health aides

It is the same search with the same empty results for weeks. Marjorie Buglione-Bone is looking for a home health aide to assist her...

Trust & Verify: Does the omicron COVID-19 variant produce false negatives on tests?

Do the omicron variants of COVID-19 produce false negatives on rapid COVID-19 tests? That's the rumor circulating on social media, but is it true?...

Trust and Verify: Answering your questions about US oil reserves

The Biden administration announced last week that it would be tapping into America's strategic petroleum reserves in order to curb high gas prices. WINK...

Trust & Verify: Southwest Florida politicians on Ukraine

As the war in Ukraine continues, lawmakers in Washington face off in political battles over how to stop Russia's President Vladimir Putin. Trust and Verify...

Trust & Verify: High gas prices are not price gouging

Filling up on gas can be downright depressing right now. With prices more than $4 a gallon, it's understandable why some are calling it highway...

Trust & Verify: What products are made from crude oil?

We are already feeling the pain at the pump after the U.S. ban on Russian oil but that pain may start spreading to the...

Trust & Verify: Why are ER wait times so long at Lee Health?

Waiting, waiting and still waiting. It is a problem across the country. Emergency departments buckling under pressure. Here at home, Lee Health is well aware...

Trust & Verify: Petition for charges in tiger Eko’s death won’t work

Nearly 100,000 people have signed a petition calling for criminal charges against the man who stuck his arm in a tiger enclosure at the...

Trust & Verify: Fake email from USPS claims package delayed amid COVID test deliveries

Demand is high for those free COVID-19 test kits being mailed directly to your home from the United States Postal Service. Now some third-party websites...

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