A proposed fish farm in the Gulf of Mexico is making waves

A fish farm is being proposed along Florida's Gulf Coast to mixed reviews. The project would be located about 45 miles from Sarasota's Coast. The...
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Researchers on Sanibel were able to track Eta’s conditions in real time

One week after Eta hit Florida, people are getting back to normal after cleaning up from debris and flooding. Sanibel took the brunt of...

NOAA Fisheries look at SWFL coast for seafood farming

From orange groves to tomato fields; Farming's no stranger to Southwest Florida, and neither is fishing. And now, aquaculture – or seafood farming – is...

Lake Okeechobee’s new cutoff wall adding an extra layer of safety

On Wednesday, the equivalent of 260-million bathtubs full of water flowed into Lake Okeechobee as Eta moved over Florida. We flew the WINK News drone...

Sensor being tested in SWFL waters gives near real-time nutrient levels

Researchers are testing out a new device that helps gather water quality information in real-time. The sensor will measure nutrients that can fuel algal...

New role to monitor water quality in Bonita Springs

From harmful algae to fish kills, we know what it's like to face water quality woes. Now, one Southwest Florida community and school have...

Bioreactor helps with water quality in Bonita Springs

It's not often you'd want to take a second look at a parking lot, but there's one in Bonita Springs worth a doubletake. Trouble is,...

UF researcher works with Clewiston farmer to recycle phosphorous

A University of Florida researcher's idea will help farmers recycle a nutrient and prevent it from getting into our water. Chuck Obern, president of C...

FGCU researchers study impacts of decaying fish on development of red tide

Southwest Florida is bracing for what could impact the economy further during the pandemic. Red tide impacts beaches and tourism, so a new experiment...

Researchers creating new device to send through waterways to collect data

Combating our water crisis with a sensor. Researchers are creating a device to send through waterways to collect data. Normally, we try to avoid getting our...

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