Blue-Green Algae


FGCU planning to use ultrasonic buoy devices to help control algal blooms

A grant from the state provided to Florida Gulf Coast University will help control harmful algal blooms that will soon come to our backyard. They...

Does Florida’s new law go far enough to protect our waterways?

Does a new law designed to protect our waters go far enough? While many agree that the Clean Waterways Act is a step in the...

Dept. of Health issues advisory for Davis Boat Ramp after finding blue-green algae

The Department of Health is issuing a health advisory for the Davis Boat Ramp after finding blue-green algae in its sampling. It's a sight people...

Lake Okeechobee may be experiencing a large algae bloom

A large algae bloom has been spotted in Lake Okeechobee. Officials are monitoring the spread to determine what impact it will have on Southwest...

Experts watching area of Lake Okeechobee for blue-green algae

We all remember images from the water crisis, blue-green algae plaguing the canals along the Caloosahatchee in Southwest Florida. Right now, there's an area in...

FGCU Water School professor helps study harmful algae across the country

We all remember blue-green algae blooms that plagued our waters. Now, there are concerns about harmful algae like this across the country. FGCU Water School...

FGCU conducts more sampling to study blue-green algae impact

More sample collection is coming to Southwest Florida to continue to gather data on blue-green algae and monitor its presence. FGCU Water School professor Dr....

Collier County holds open meeting to discuss red tide, blue-green algae

What are our state and local governments doing to protect us from harmful algal blooms? After the red tide and blue-green algae crisis of 2018,...

University researchers across Florida work to figure out how algal blooms affect our health

Imagine driving and seeing a sign advertising a public health study on algae. Researchers want to check how the air from the algae outbreaks...

Blue-green algae starting to appear at Franklin Lock

Are we starting to see the beginnings of blue-green algae again? We took a sample of water from the Caloosahatchee River near the W.P. Franklin...

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