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Making Ends Meet: Shopping around to save on prescriptions

Tammy Gilbert is self-employed, working as a real estate broker. Gilbert and her husband recently relocated to the Cape full-time and right now, she's...

Amazon Pharmacy launches; SWFL pharmacist says don’t count them out

Many people would likely agree the prices for prescription medications are too high. A potentially affordable option is making itself available to people near...

Cancer survivor forced to skip $2,500 shots due to cost

Colleen Ryan beat breast cancer in 2011, but found herself in the middle of a different kind of fight when she moved to Southwest...

Cutting out the middleman could dramatically lower your prescription costs

Sharon Downey says it's tough getting old. "I probably take 15 or 20 in the course of a day, so cost and medicines to me...

Hundreds of prescription drug price increases to start 2020

Brace yourself before you head to the pharmacy. Effective New Year's Day, several drug companies raised the prices on hundreds of prescription medications. We...

How to save money on prescription drugs

Eight percent of the U.S. population imported medications from Canada or other countries in the last few years. But this can be extremely inconvenient...

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