Taylor Bisacky

Professional Experience

2016 to present: Reporter, WINK News.

Awards & Recognition

National college Emmy award for “Best Newscast.” Also elected as Penn State’s 2016 journalism graduation student marshal.

News Philosophy

“Storytelling is all about YOU. Each person has a unique story to tell and journalism done at its best should leave you feeling more informed, curious, or even inspired.”

Hobbies, Interests & Community Involvement

“I’m new to Florida but have always been a beach bum! I also enjoy fitness, cooking, surfing and snowboarding.”


Penn State University.

Likes best about Southwest Florida

“The people and all that Southwest Florida has to offer, including its outdoor adventures, beaches and sunshine!”


Jamison, Pa.



Hawk caught in car grille now recovering at CROW Clinic

A red-shouldered hawk is now recovering at the CROW Clinic on Sanibel after it got stuck in the grille of a car for hours. The...

FMB Mayor Gore denies wrongdoing after controversial photo & recording

The Estero Island Taxpayers Association suspects Fort Myers Beach Mayor Tracey Gore and Council Member Dennis Boback may have violated Sunshine Law and possibly...

Tenants still face unlivable conditions at Sunrise Towers apartments

Tenants at Sunrise Towers in Fort Myers say horrible living conditions continue to get worse, and property management still isn't doing anything about it. One...

Code violations pile up for Jones Walker apartments in Fort Myers

The residents of the Jones Walker Palm Garden apartments live in moldy, pest-infested apartments, and their concerns were finally heard by Fort Myers Code...

Parents concerned about unreliable school bus schedules

School started back up a month ago, but morning after morning, some students are still arriving after the bell. Late buses and unreliable transportation continues...

Dog owners concerned about pet health amid algae, red tide

With increasing concern about the blue-green algae in our waters, families are bringing their dogs into the vet with some scary symptoms and fear...

Professional diver taking a deeper look into red tide impact

While we've seen and felt the impact of red tide on the beaches, but what is it doing below the surface? Curt Bowen is a...

Sunrise Towers apartments continue to rack up code violations

Right now, residents living at the Sunrise Tower apartments say they are fed up with temporary fixes to dangerous living conditions. "I'm just hoping that...

Sanibel approves plastic straw ban Monday

Sanibel united to protect our environment by approving a plastic straw ban Monday. Neighbors and businesses alike supported the move by Sanibel leaders, but some...

FMB Margaritaville faces one-year delay due to lawsuits

Put down the shaker and the salt, Margaritaville isn't going to open anytime soon. Despite approval from town council, construction for the Fort Myers Beach...

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