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Cape Coral Hospital Town Hall

Do you have questions about the coronavirus or if it is safe to visit a hospital? Cape Coral Hospital is hosting a virtual town hall...

Money Monday: Handling your 401k between jobs

When you leave a job, you may be wondering what happens to the money you worked hard to save in your 401k plan. To provide...

Dr. Bart Rossi discusses ‘Rage’ book ahead of election

One of the biggest stories this week stems from a book by journalist Bob Woodward. We heard recordings dating back to February, where President Trump...

Dr. Bart Rossi discusses Vaccination Psychology

While scientists rush to create a vaccine for the coronavirus, that rush could have a negative effect: It could lead to a lull in...

Dr. Bart Rossi discusses personal freedom

Personal freedom is the center of a lot of hot debate these days. For example, when it comes to wearing a mask, some say they...

Money Monday: Jobs Report

Last Friday the Department of Labor released the widely anticipated jobs report. To help us interpret this is Stefan Contorno – Senior Vice President...

Stress and decision making in the age of COVID-19

According to a recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation, 45% of Americans feel the worry and stress related to the coronavirus and resulting...

Money Monday: the unluckiest generation

The economic downturn that has resulted from the Covid-19 pandemic has hit many millennials hard and has prompted some to say that they are...

Dr. Bart Rossi discusses vaccine psychology

The Covid-19 virus has knocked our world off its axis. "Normal" life, without social distancing, quarantines, masks and school closures, won't return until most of...

Money Monday: Money lessons for kids from a pandemic

Talking to young children about money can be complicated. However, with the world in lockdown in recent months, now may be a great...

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