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Drew Steele discusses Supreme Court rules on electoral college

The Supreme Court has ruled states can require presidential electors to back their state's popular vote winner in the electoral college. So what does this...

Dr. Bart Rossi discusses rising fear as virus spikes

The number of Coronavirus cases continue to rise across the country, with the total number of people in Florida testing positive rising to over...

Drew Steele discusses the threat to arrest anyone pulling down statues

Just hours ago, President Donald Trump tweeted, vowing to arrest anyone caught trying to tear down monuments or statues and threatening they could be...

Stefan Contorno discusses planning during a global pandemic

With most Americans still under quarantine and finding themselves working from home, now may be a great time to strengthen your financial situation. ...

Dr. Bart Rossi discusses mental exhaustion

After months of combating the Coronavirus pandemic and protests across the country, many of you are now left feeling mentally exhausted. Political psychologist Dr. Bart...

Drew Steele discusses Trump rallies despite virus spike

As part of President Trump's push for the country to return to life before the COVID-19 pandemic, he's holding indoor campaign rallies, despite the...

Stefan Contorno discusses the federal reserve interest rate decision

Last week, the Federal Reserve concluded its two day meeting to determine the fate of the nation's interest rates. To help us interpret their decision...

Dr. Bart Rossi discusses changing social psychology

Following the death of george floyd, people all across the country took to the streets demanding change. Many of the protesters are millennials and members...

Drew Steele discusses defunding the police

Right now, House Democrats are looking to defund police departments in the wake of George Floyd protests. The calls for change have left people uncertain...

Stefan Contorno discusses the new jobs report

Last Friday the Department of Labor released the widely anticipated jobs report. To help us interpret this is Stefan Contorno – Senior Vice...

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