Rich Kolko

Professional Experience

Hired in 2019 as the Safety and Security Specialist at WINK News. FBI Special Agent 1996-2017 serving in Atlanta, New York, FBI HQ and Quantico, VA. Served in the Navy, both on active duty and the reserve, retiring as a Commander in 2011.

News Philosophy

Work to help the citizens of SWFL keep their family, home, cyber, and finances safe and secure.

Hobbies & Interests

Flying, fishing & luge.


Masters in Homeland Security from American Military University, Bachelors in Communications from the University of Miami.

Likes best about Southwest Florida

The people along with the weather and no DC traffic!


Poughkeepsie, NY.


Staying safe on the water during summer holidays

It's almost Independence Day and a lot of Southwest Floridians are taking the opportunity to get out on the water. If you are planning on...

Naples aviation program puts kids in the pilot’s seat

There is a worldwide pilot shortage, so training them young is a good way to start. And an international program is looking to do...

Credit card scammers can pose as banks to steal info

Scammers are getting smarter, always trying to get ahead of the security. They are still trying to skim information from the front of the...

Florida’s crime rate in 2018 dropped by 9% from 2017

Florida’s overall crime rate last year dropped by 9% from the previous year, although murders and rapes increased. The most serious crimes — including robbery...

New form of identity theft hitting Southwest Florida mailboxes

It looks like a safe Punta Gorda neighborhood, but you know what they say about looks. Police say scammers fanned out in the Burnt Store...

Behind the scenes with the US Coast Guard Fort Myers Beach station

With hundreds of miles of coastline in Southwest Florida and water as far as the eye can see, the U.S. Coast Guard is standing...

FBI task force working to discover victims in Collier sextortion case

Many victims of a sextortion case have not come forward likely out of fear. But local law enforcement investigating the case say this follows...
Mugshot of Scot Peterson. (Credit: CBS News)video

Charges Scot Peterson faces from the Parkland massacre

On Wednesday, a judge upheld the charges and the $102,000 bond for the man known as the Coward of Broward. Rich Kolko, WINK News safety...
Photo courtesy of Southwest Florida Crime

Crime patterns during the summer

What tools do law enforcement have to address the seasonal swings in crime rates? Rich Kolko, WINK News safety and security specialist, provides insight. MORE: ...

Sanibel Police Department is prepared for VIP movement

There is VIP movement this weekend in place around Sanibel Island, which can mean flight restrictions and traffic backups. Last time there was VIP movement,...

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