Rich Kolko

Professional Experience

Hired in 2019 as the Safety and Security Specialist at WINK News. FBI Special Agent 1996-2017 serving in Atlanta, New York, FBI HQ and Quantico, VA. Served in the Navy, both on active duty and the reserve, retiring as a Commander in 2011.

News Philosophy

Work to help the citizens of SWFL keep their family, home, cyber, and finances safe and secure.

Hobbies & Interests

Flying, fishing & luge.


Masters in Homeland Security from American Military University, Bachelors in Communications from the University of Miami.

Likes best about Southwest Florida

The people along with the weather and no DC traffic!


Poughkeepsie, NY.


Behind the scenes with FBI Operational Medics

Most people are familiar with the FBI's high profile investigations, but what about their work in medicine? A select group of special agents are trained...

Security Alert: Red flags for buying a car online

Buying a used vehicle online has never been easier. But before you click the button to buy WINK News found some red flags you...
William Burkey in jail. (Credit: WINK News)video

Mindset of a person looking at or downloading child porn

Pictures of children in sexual situations. Investigators said they found them because William Burkey tried to print them out at a CVS Pharmacy kiosk. Now,...

How to protect your tax refund from scammers

Where’s my refund? If you’re not careful, it could end up in the hands of scammers. WINK News looked at how you can keep...

What happens if justice department investigates Michael Cohen?

Two ranking Republican members of Congress have formally asked the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate whether Michael Cohen committed perjury when he testified...

The US faces cyber attacks on a daily basis, not just threats

Are we at risk for a cyber attack in the U.S, and who's keeping us safe? We are at risk... "blinking red" is a term...

FBI preliminary crime report shows overall crime down in Cape Coral

Good news for Cape Coral out of a preliminary crime report from the FBI. Overall crime in the city is going down, but there are a...

Security Alert: Wire transfer request warning

Whether you’re buying a home or paying a business, there is one big thing you need to do before wiring money. The latest scam WINK...

What to do when your child goes missing

If your child goes missing, what do you do and when do you do it? First, call law enforcement. Don’t wait. That's crucial. Ask Police about...

Radford-FGCU create largest non-gov’t database of serial killers in the world

Serial killers and their heinous crimes fascinate us. How could someone do what they do and get away with it for so long? Staff and...

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