Justin Kase

Professional Experience

  • July 2019-present: Multimedia Journalist and Anchor at WINK News.
  • May 2017-July 2019: 11 pm Anchor, Multi-media Journalist at WYMT News (Eastern Kentucky).
  • August 2016- January 2017: Play-by-play Broadcaster and Color Analyst at Florida Gulf Coast University.
  • September 2013-April 2015: Traffic Anchor, Reporter, and Producer with Total Traffic & Weather Network in Tampa.
  • 2013: Intern with 10 News (WTSP) Tampa Bay, 2013: Intern with CBS (Radio) Tampa Bay.


Awards and Recognition

Multiple Presidents List Award Winner from FGCU. Graduated Summa Cum Laude with a 4.0 from FGCU.

News philosophy

Before I walk in the doors every day, I say, ‘Let’s do this!’
I attack every day with the belief that I’ll be able to tell people’s stories in the best and most fair ways they can be told. Some days can be challenging… getting the best interviews or video. But I always try to do my best with the hands I’m dealt.

Hobbies and Interests

My biggest hobby is guns! I love shooting at the range, collecting rare guns, and even building my own. I’m also a big fan of nature parks and walks throughout southwest Florida. And if I’m not doing those things or working, you can find me at the gym!


Graduate from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting (Tampa campus)
Associates degree from Florida Southwestern State College
Bachelors degree in Communication Studies from Florida Gulf Coast University with a minor in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Likes best about southwest Florida

It’s home for me. My family is here. I love the people and all the beauty that’s here.


Naples, FL


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