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Fort Myers youth program gains funding, others set to lose it

Youth groups in Fort Myers are set to lose funding. The City of Fort Myers voted to funnel all of the budgeted $319,000 into the...

Man wanted for making threats over coast guard radio channel

Death threats and fake mayday calls to the U.S. Coast Guard in Southwest Florida are putting people’s safety and tax dollars at risk. The...
Heartbreak in the Bahamas. (Credit: WINK News)video

FGCU professor returns from the Bahamas after checking on family

Starting over after Hurricane Dorian. The death toll continues to rise as crews search for survivors. The Bahamian government said it is now at 50...

U.S. government requirements create challenge for Bahamians trying to evacuate

Letting some people in, and keeping others out. The United States Government says it's not changed its travel and visa requirements as desperate Bahamians try...
Hit-and-run crash that left a woman dead. (Credit: WINK News)video

Suspect in Fort Myers fatal hit-and-run case is back on the streets

A driver accused of hitting and killing a woman, then speeding off, is back on our streets Thursday night. Eight children are left behind after...
Jaz Jeanty vigilantly checks his smartphone, praying for a positive message about his 20-year-old brother in the Bahamas. (Credit: WINK News)video

Naples man heartbroken as brother tries to survive in Dorian’s wreckage

People in Southwest Florida are desperate to talk to their loved ones in the Bahamas. Among them, one man's younger brother is still there...
FILE: Wawa Fort Myers gas station in August 2019. (Credit: WINK News/FILE)FILE: Wawa Fort Myers gas station in August 2019. (Credit: WINK News/FILE)video

Gas lines are long in Fort Myers, some stations empty

If a gas station has gas, it likely has a line. We spent the day in Fort Myers visiting gas stations, and many of...
People load up on water Wednesday as Hurricane Dorian approaches Florida. (Credit: WINK News)video

Uncertainty in Fort Myers as Hurricane Dorian approaches Florida

Many people in Fort Myers hit the stores after work on Wednesday and it shows on the shelves. Several supermarkets had empty shelves where water...
Fort Myers Beach. (WINK News photo)video

Dorian may ruin Labor Day weekend plans on Fort Myers Beach

Labor Day Weekend is big business in Fort Myers Beach. With Tropical Storm Dorian lurking nearby this weekend, many companies are worried people will...

Puerto Rico braces for Dorian, SWFL families share concerns

Puerto Rico is not close to full recovery from hurricanes Maria and Irma. So the possibility of Tropical Storm Dorian striking the island has...

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