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Tanglewood Elementary student starts ‘little free library’ in Fort Myers

A new structure will be installed to one Fort Myers park, and you can’t miss it. It’s brightly colored and was designed to get more...

SWFL Soccer Association makes new rule to monitor parents

A new policy means local youth soccer teams will have to provide marshals at the games to make sure parents behave. The Southwest Florida Soccer...

Lee County allows pre-registration for 2019-20 school year

For the first time ever, the School District of Lee County is allowing parents to pre-register their children for school, wiping out long wait lines.  Lee County will allow parents...

Army specialist surprises brother with visit at school

It was a special moment, as a family reunited ahead of the holidays. An army specialist decided to surprise her brother at Barron Collier High School.   Army Specialist Emily Roa...

Memory test may show causes for Alzheimer’s early on

Alzheimer’s disease is hard to detect early. Changes in the brain may start long before symptoms become apparent. Results of a new study show...

Amendment 2 guarantees property taxes won’t go up past 10 percent

It’s your money. And, if Amendment 2 passes, you wouldn’t see property taxes go up more than 10 percent a year on additional properties.   But, this doesn’t...
Mexico Beach, Florida after Hurricane Michael. Credit: Chris O'Mera AP

Armed looters targeting homes and businesses in county ravaged by Hurricane Michael

Deputies in Bay County, Florida, who are working in Hurricane Michael's shattering aftermath, have arrested about 10 suspected looters each night since the storm...

School District of Lee County supports half-cent sales tax

This coming election could determine how safe your kids are at schools in Lee County. School District of Lee County Spokesperson Rob Spicker said...

UCF Researchers search for one-time flu vaccine

Some would call it the holy grail of immunology. Researchers in labs across the country are working to develop a one-time flu vaccination that...

Sanibel’s new numbers show water quality affecting real estate

Sanibel Island has released staggering new numbers of the ongoing water quality crisis affecting Southwest Florida.   Reportedly, 16,791 people cancelled their reservation or left them early this summer,...

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