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Healthy Kids: Peanut allergy prevention

The best way for your children to prevent allergies, may be to expose them early on. This week, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended...

Keeping kids safe

Next month will be one year since the Parkland massacre. We've reported the many safety changes made at schools locally, including fences, locks and...

Dogs can help people with Type 1 Diabetes

We all know that dogs are a man's best friend, and new evidence shows that dogs can help people with Type 1 Diabetes manage...

KKIDS Soiree Under The Stars

A local non profit combats drug addiction in a unique way. Executive director of KKIDS, INC., Karen Scott, gives you all the details of...

Your Health Now: Shipley Cardiothoracic Center

Heart surgery is the most common major surgery performed in the United States. Doctors are constantly learning new techniques, and technology plays a big...

Eating clean to get lean this year

If you're ready to make some food resolutions for this year registered dietitian, Betsy Opyt, has some tips to help you eat clean to...

Your Health Now: Million Mile Movement

Sticking with our New Year’s resolutions can be challenging without the proper support and motivation, but Healthy Lee is here to help. The Million...

Real Estate Matters: real estate forecast

2018 began as one of the best real estate markets Southwest Florida had ever seen, however, it did not end up that way. Sellers...

Yo-Yo dieting and heart health

Yo-Yo dieting, is the loss and gain of weight resembling the up-down motion of a yo-yo. Now a new study is looking into how...

Healthy Kids: New Year’s resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions are not only for adults. Dr. Annette St. Pierre-MacKoul, discusses some plans for your children this New Year.

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