Amy Oshier

Professional Experience

2021 to present: Health and Medical Reporter, WINK News. Previously worked at WFLA in Tampa, WBBH in Fort Myers, and SNN in Sarasota. Also hosted a weekly TV program for the local USA Today Network, was a syndicated health reporter and anchor and traveled the world as a business aviation reporter.

Awards & Recognition

Earned several awards including an Edward R. Murrow, Associated Press and Society of Professional Journalists.

Hobbies, Interests & Community Involvement

Working out, dining out, reading, entertaining, exploring new places and meeting new people.


Bachelor of science in telecommunication from the University of Florida.

Likes best about Southwest Florida

The beautiful palms, rich history and friendly people.


Melbourne, Florida


FibroScan ultrasound offers painless way to help detect liver diseases

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Alzheimer’s drug approved by the FDA potentially blocked by CMS decision to deny coverage

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Lee Health adds pediatric neurosurgery program

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Barriers to getting breast exam treatment for younger, women of color

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