Shoppers flock to Coconut Point Mall for Black Friday deals

Published: November 25, 2022 5:07 PM EST
Updated: November 25, 2022 6:42 PM EST

It’s the biggest shopping holiday of the year. Walkways were bustling with people, and parking lots were packed.

Shoppers headed out to centers like Coconut Point to hopefully catch some deals for the holidays.

“I got a couple of blouses here. This is for the wintertime, and I got this pair of jeans that make me look really thin,” said Dee.

“We got lots of clothes and jewelry,” said Kira.

Some people went shopping with a plan.

“I’m going to shop for clothes. Because you know, I always need more clothes. But also, I’m just trying to think of Christmas gifts for my family and for my friends,” said Vanessa. “You have to hit Best Buy because that’s a Black Friday staple. You can’t go shopping without Best Buy.”

Unlike some of the other shoppers, Allison and Margy did not have a plan when they set out for Black Friday deals.

“We came to shop, but we can’t agree we have half of our family somewhere else,” said Allison and Margy.

Everyone they came with scattered around Coconut Point, hoping to come away with the best deals.

Peggy and Larry Cunningham were less keen on the deals. They just wanted to spend some time together.

“We just like to do things with one another,” said Larry Cunningham.

“I bought him a Christmas present, and we shopped for some other things. He loves, am I allowed to tell? He loves Barnes and Noble, so he went in there and bought himself another book,” said Peggy.

Peggy said Larry’s gift is a surprise.

“I promised not to look,” said Larry.

She did tell WINK News what the gift is, but we won’t spoil it either.

If you didn’t make it out on Friday, don’t worry. You still have Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday to find a great deal on that perfect gift.