How to prepare your home ahead of the storm for insurance claims

Published: September 23, 2022 7:14 PM EDT
Updated: September 24, 2022 10:14 AM EDT

Protecting your home doesn’t just mean shutters and making it more hurricane resistant.

It also means getting everything inside covered too.

Those awaiting a storm should check their homeowner’s insurance policy.

Just keep in mind whatever you have now is what you will have after the storm.

Most insurance companies will not let you change the policy when a storm is on the way.

Once you’ve taken a look at your policy, start going around your home with your phone and pen and paper.

Better to be overprepared than not at all.

While we’re still days away from a potential hurricane hitting Southwest Florida, insurance can be its own storm.

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Get out your phone and take pictures and videos, inventory everything — the outside of your house, your garage, your pool if you have one.

Same thing goes for any outdoor coverings.

Your insurance company will want to know what it all looked like before a storm hit.

Next, go get back inside and do the same thing with your belongings. That includes your kitchen appliances too.

Now is when pen and paper comes in handy.

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Write down how much you think everything is worth.

Now email everything to yourself and hold tight.

Apps like Sortly, My Stuff and the National Association of Home Insurance Commissioners’ Home Inventory app keep inventory for you.

And don’t forget about your car. Go over your policy, too.

Comprehensive coverage should take care of you if your car is damaged in a hurricane.

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