Man faces charges after leaving panties outside women’s home

Published: August 8, 2022 10:37 PM EDT

Alejandro Hernandez-Perez, 42, is behind bars after leaving women’s panties outside the home of two women on multiple occasions in Collier County.

One of the women became so scared by what was happening she temporarily moved.

15 times in just over three weeks is what the mother and daughter reported to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office. Hernandez-Perez was arrested at his home over the weekend. Neighbors in the area told WINK News Hernandez-Perez was causing trouble around that area too.

Hernandez-Perez is accused of stalking a mother and daughter. Collier County Sheriff’s Office said he would pick up panties at a Walmart and then leave them behind at the victim’s home.

“Pretty much a pervert,” according to one neighbor.

Hernandez-Perez has been under investigation since July and that’s when the mother called for help because she had enough.

Underwear was left on her driveway and the foot of the garage more than 15 times in just over three weeks.

Investigators matched video from the victim’s Ring doorbell camera to video taken at the Walmart. The suspect bought panties in the same clothes outside the victim’s home.

“I seen the cops but I didn’t know it was going on in the neighborhood,” Joe Carles said.

Carles has two kids and lives across the street from Hernandez-Perez.

“I got a little daughter around here if he didn’t anything like that I’d have probably been in jail for what I did to him,” Carles said.

“During the day and at night he would come out in urinate just right in the front yard in front of my children I have a 8-year-old daughter and a seven-year-old son and he just wouldn’t care,” another neighbor who wanted to remain anonymous said.

Careless, but now caught, Hernandez-Perez is now facing charges, with bond set at $40,000. Hernandez-Perez cannot have contact with the victim if he is released and will have to wear an electronic monitor.