Strong storms on Friday bring serious flooding to parts of Fort Myers

Published: July 1, 2022 10:04 PM EDT
Updated: July 2, 2022 6:26 AM EDT
A car trudges through heavily flooded Fowler St. (CREDIT: Patricia Lazo)

Afternoon storms brought flooding to parts of Fort Myers Friday. WINK News viewers submitted videos and pictures of some of the flooding.

Below, vehicles carefully, one by one, slog through heavily flooded Fowler Street. The water is so deep that the vehicles create waves.

Credit is given to Patricia Lazo for sending the video below.

Below the front wheels of the car in the foreground are barely visible. While the wheels on the car in the background can’t be seen at all.

Flooding seen in Fort Myers. (CREDIT: Kary Smith)

In the picture below you can’t see the street under all of the water. A toppled garbage can, a blue container floating away, and a street submerged by the rapid rainfall.

Lake and Hill Ave. flooding in Fort Myers. (Credit: Hazel Kuhlman)

An outdoor area became flooded by the rain to appear as a very shallow lake. The small foliage, inside what looks to be a bird bath, now looks like a moat.

Near McGregor Blvd. flooding in Fort Myers. (CREDIT: Rachel Cauble)

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