How to help track the cost of gas for a road trip

Published: June 15, 2022 2:17 PM EDT
Updated: June 15, 2022 5:50 PM EDT

Planning a summer road trip?

Now that gas has gone up, how much will it cost you?

Whether you are driving to the beach, a theme park or perhaps a little further, the way gas prices are going, you’ll need to build that into your budget before you hit the road.

There are a couple of tools that can help you estimate costs before you fill-up.

AAA tracks gas prices across the country and its color-coded map helps paint the picture of what you’ll pay at your destination along the way.

You can also use the auto club’s gas cost calculator by entering starting and final destinations, but only if it offers select cities to choose from, none of which are in Southwest Florida.

Travel Math’s cost of driving calculator works much the same way, but you can get more specific, pinpointing your starting city and final vacation destination, you can narrow it down further by entering information specific to your car.

For example, a drive from Fort Myers to Orlando will cost $29.82, for a round trip, it will be $59.65.

To stretch that tank of gas even further, keep your car well-maintained. Get the oil change on time and check your tire pressure.

Accelerate slowly, coast more and use cruise control to stay at a consistent speed.