Ordinance requiring Collier County landlords to give 60-day notice for rent hikes fails

Published: May 24, 2022 6:00 PM EDT
Updated: May 24, 2022 6:27 PM EDT

A small piece of protection for renters in Collier County fails. Leaders in Collier County didn’t pass the 60-day notice rule, which would have required landlords to give tenants the notice before a price hike.

Once again, the people of Collier County took their fears about the soaring cost of rent directly to the commissioners.

“We have older adults sleeping in their cars in Walmart parking lots because the best advice we can give them is to leave the county because you’re better off anywhere else than here,” said one speaker.

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“The backbone of this community is breaking. You are losing workforce every day,” said another person voicing their concerns to commissioners.

The commissioners were not moved by the public’s pleas. They vetoed a revised ordinance requiring landlords to give tenants a 60-day notice when raising rent more than 5%.

“Its not flying with me. I would rather spend our time, money, and energy in getting our federal assistance programs to the people that, in fact, need the help,” said Collier County Commissioners Chairman William McDaniel.

Supporters claim people need time to find a new home they can afford, but landlords say they’re struggling too.

“It’s gotten to the point where inflation is so crazy,” said Warren L. Nyerges, who owns multiple properties in Southwest Florida.

Nyerges owns rental properties. He said his rent increases because of shadow expenses, repair costs and taxes.

“We’re just regular guys that own stuff and rent it out, and they were attempting to crush us, and it can’t be done. Have that passed, I would’ve projected rent rates would’ve even gone higher to anticipate the costs,” said Nyerges.

One of Collier County’s Tenant Union leaders said she wasn’t surprised by the no vote. She said she would continue to fight for renters who are struggling.