Cane toad traps could help you protect your pets from poisonous toads

Published: May 23, 2022 5:02 PM EDT
Updated: May 23, 2022 5:22 PM EDT

Poisonous cane toads are back in many neighborhoods as we get into the rainy season. Dog owners need to be alert because the invasive toads can kill their pets.

There is a cane toad trap that you can use to help protect your pets and get rid of invasive toads. It’s a simple, touchless system that never stops, and it’s made specifically to tackle cane toads. Most importantly it helps people get rid of them in a humane way.

A danger to curious sniffers. As the cane toad population increases, so do dog owners’ fears.

“Every day and the influx of cane toads is extremely high there because the conditions are great,” said Ed Beren of Naples.

“They are everywhere and for whatever reason, dogs are attracted to them,” said Lisa Lindsay of Naples.

A lick or bite from a cane toad can poison a dog and lead to death if not treated quickly.

Southwest Florida is home to many invasive species. Finding ways to get rid of them humanely can be a challenge, but the folks at Antimidators Pest Control & Wildlife Removal said they figured it out.

Antimidators Pest Control & Wildlife Removal came up with the Cane Catcher.

All it requires is bait inside. Once the toad is in the trap, dispose of it, attach the trash bag, and then freeze to euthanize, as recommended by FWC.

Chris Boland, an expert with Antimidators Pest Control & Wildlife Removal said smashing the toad to death is not a good idea.

“A lot of times, people will kill them like that and throw them in the bushes. But even when they’re dead, they are releasing the toxins for a while,” said Boland.

And that can also pose a problem for dogs. That and the fact they breed so easily.

“And there’s really no natural predators so they’re free to do whatever they want,” said Boland.

The Cane Catcher costs $130, which isn’t cheap. The company explained that when compared to other wildlife traps or the cost of hiring someone to come out and hunt the cane toads, the price is good.

If you would like to get your own Cane Catcher you can buy them by clicking here.