Collier County man facing animal abuse charge after leaving parrot in hot car

Published: May 22, 2022 11:06 AM EDT
Shawn Wilder (Credit: Collier County Sheriff's Office)

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a man after he left his pet parrot in his locked car for more than two hours on Saturday.

Shawn Wilder, 63, is facing an animal cruelty charge after someone noticed that he had left his cockatiel parrot locked in his car in a parking lot on Mission Hills Drive for hours in the middle of the Day on Saturday.

Deputies say the bird was showing obvious signs of distress when they arrived. While deputies and Collier County Domestic Animal Services were waiting for the fire department to come open the vehicle, Wilder showed up and unlocked the car.

The bird was taken by Collier County Domestic Animal Services to be examined. CCSO deputies say the outside air temperature was 93 degrees and the temperature inside other nearby cars reached 125 degrees.

Cockatiel parrot (Credit: Collier County Sheriff’s Office)