Message of Love: Man rents 7 billboards to showcase 25th wedding anniversary

Published: April 25, 2022 5:52 PM EDT
Updated: April 25, 2022 6:40 PM EDT

Giving public displays of affection is a rare and specific love language. But, Mitch Gilbert is fluent at showing love to his wife, Denise. So Mitch let Denise, and all of Bonita Springs know how much he loves her for their 25th Anniversary.

The heart-eyes emoji is a pretty clear indicator of love and affection. Denise Gilbert didn’t get a subtle text from her husband with the heart-eyes. Instead, she got seven billboards across Bonita Springs with a special message signed by Mitch and a jumbo-sized heart-eyes emoji.

Denise, knowing her husband well after 25 years of marriage said, “I thought he was crazy. But I thought there he goes again because he’s like that often. He does a lot of things like that.”

For their 15th wedding anniversary, Mitch sent Denise on a scavenger hunt that ended on Sanibel Island with a vow renewal proposal. They are also the proud parents of two children.

Denise then shared how they’ve had success with love and marriage. “There are times you know when you fall out of love or things get tough in your life and sometimes love is less about emotion and more about a choice and so we just chose that when those times came that we were going to make an effort to get through them.”

Mitch has set a high bar for married couples in Bonita Springs. So next time you think of doing something special for your significant other take a note from Mitch, go big.