Collier County TikTok star denied protective order against alleged stalker

Published: March 28, 2022 3:25 PM EDT
Updated: March 28, 2022 6:16 PM EDT

A Collier County teen who found fame on social media also attracted stalkers. The TikTok star was targeted by a young man who fired shots into her home last year.

On July 10, A stalker came to Ava Majury’s house at the Raffia Preserve in Collier County and fired a shotgun through her front door. This was after Majury blocked the Maryland man online. He sent her thousands of messages asking for photos of her body and feet. That man was shot and killed by Majury’s father.

On Monday, Ava Majury was in court asking for a personal protection order against another person she claims is a stalker. Even though Majury fears her safety, the judge denied the request.

Majury is used to having an audience with more than a million followers on TikTok. On Monday, Majury showed her vulnerable side in front of a very different audience in a courtroom.

During proceedings, she was questioned by a lawyer.

Lawyer: “So you are presently not in school?”
Majury: “No.”

Lawyer: “And you were attending school in person prior to all this happening?”
Majury: “Yes.”

Lawyer: “And you quit the soccer team, correct?”
Majury: “Yes.”

Lawyer: “You love soccer.”
Majury: “Yeah.”

Lawyer: “And you’re not seeing your friends in school either?”
Majury: “No.”

Lawyer: “You having any nightmares?”
Majury: “Yes.”

Majury told a judge this was all because of someone she used to go to school with. She accused the student of helping her July attacker and stalking and harassing her by following her around in the hallways and staring.

“All undisputed that in a young woman’s mind that caused such distress that what she loves what she needs more than anything as a teenager is to be in school with her friends playing soccer yet the fear proven is that she stayed home because she feared,” said Ava Majury’s Attorney Lanny J. Davis.

The judge said Majury’s lawyers didn’t present enough evidence against her classmate for him to grant an injunction for protection against stalking. Majury now wants to move on.

“Although today didn’t go as we wanted it to, I’m glad I got my truth out, and my story was told,” said Majury.

The lawyer for the student accused of stalking argued her client only ever tried to help Majury and never threatened her.

All Majury wants is to go back to school, back to having fun and posting TikToks to her one million-plus followers, but she says she can’t.

“About a year ago today I was a normal 15-year-old girl living my life playing soccer going to high school and spreading positivity all over my social media. Now I’m afraid to even leave my house,” said Majury.

Majury went to the court looking to put her fear to rest. She told a judge a former high school friend repeatedly tried to intimidate her. “I modified my schedule so I couldn’t see people. I took myself out of soccer midseason so I could avoid being around him it was terrifying and I felt extremely unsafe where I was and as I was. I have nightmares here and there about everything,” said Majury.

So she stopped going to school. Majury also now claims her former classmate played a role in last July’s attack that ended when her dad shot and killed another teenager stalker.

The judge did not buy her lawyer Lanny Davis’ arguments. That is the same Lanny Davis who was once special counselor to President Clinton. He said despite the judge’s ruling, good came from Majury’s day in court.

“We chose to go forward so that there’s a lesson to be taught about the danger of social media and that people should pick up the signals and the indicators of somebody who might be threatening to you before the danger rather than after,” said Davis.