Harry Chapin Food Bank partners with Feeding America

Published: February 15, 2022 6:23 PM EST

Hunger is a growing issue in our community as food prices, gas prices and rent prices increase.

That’s making it much harder for many families to make ends meet.

WINK News continues to fundraise for the Harry Chapin Food Bank in order to provide $1 million for the community.

The Harry Chapin Food Bank is the only member of the Feeding American Network in our area.

That’s important because it makes sure people are fed during times of crisis, like a pandemic or following natural disasters like hurricanes.

Twenty-four hours after Hurricane Irma, the Harry Chapin Food Bank was in neighborhoods feeding people with a steady supply of food.

Now, during the pandemic, they need our financial help to keep feeding an unprecedented number of people.

Learn more about their partnership in the player above.

Consider making a donation at Winkfeedsfamilies.com.

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