March to a Million Meals continues fundraising to feed SWFL families

Published: February 12, 2022 8:41 AM EST

WINK News is marching towards feeding 1 million people by March 1.

Our March to a Million Meals campaign helps the Harry Chapin Food Bank continue its mission of helping families in need.

You can pitch in by making a donation.

Harry Chapin Food Bank has been helping Southwest Florida families for 38 years. They have had to adapt as the time are changing.

Right now, the change is feeding more people than ever before.

Many families are in need of help with the cost of everything increasing. It’s making it hard to have enough food.

That’s where the food bank steps in.

They offer an in-school pantry program and Harry’s Helpings to reach children and their families. They also offer a program for seniors with low income. About 150 organizations rely on the Harry Chapin Food Bank for food.

Harry Chapin grant manager Becky Telfer not only works to generate money for the food bank but is also a volunteer.

“You’re actually building the food kits that we’re going to distribute to the people that need them. And, you know, you realize that those food kits are going to families who are hungry, and it’s a really grounding feeling,” Telfer said. “I think it brings the whole thing full circle in reminds me that, you know, what we do is so important.”

Every little bit helps feed Southwest Florida.

Please consider donating by clicking the link.