Drive-by shooting over the weekend in SE Cape Coral

Published: January 25, 2022 5:48 PM EST
Updated: January 25, 2022 6:12 PM EST

The Cape Coral Police Department says a shooter is on the run after firing shots at a home on Saturday. This took place along SE 2nd Place in Cape Coral.

At first glance, this Cape Coral neighborhood looks normal and peaceful, with well-maintained lawns and people walking their dogs. But on Saturday, police say someone who lives there was targeted with a gun.

According to a Cape Coral police report, two people dove for cover behind a car. And, the person who lives in the home showed WINK News indentations where bullets hit that house. Investigators say someone pointed a gun out of a car window and began firing at those two people.

While drive-by shootings are rare for Cape Coral, police believe they know how the shooter was targeting. They think it was someone they’re familiar with.

That’s not exactly what neighbors wanted to hear.

WINK News knocked on 18 doors, hoping someone would be willing to speak about the shooting. But no one wanted to go on camera.

But, a man at a nearby Publix, Frank Hudson, said hearing about the shooting surprised him.

“A little uneasy because I see the population growing here coming from all over, so I’m sure crime is going to increase, which is not a good thing for people who are going to [be] living here for a while. That’s [the] only downside that I can think of the population growth,” Hudson said.

The positive side is that nobody was injured during the shooting. The bad part is that the person who fired these shots is still on the run.

When WINK News asked Cape PD for surveillance footage or a description of the suspect, all they said was that it’s an “active investigation.”