Estero woman searching high and low for missing emotional support cat

Published: January 5, 2022 4:05 PM EST
Updated: January 5, 2022 4:50 PM EST

A woman in Estero won’t stop looking for her missing best friend and emotional anchor. Cameron Sinacore says her emotional support cat, Grayson, somehow got out of her car at Miromar Outlets on Christmas Eve while she ran inside a nearby store.

It’s hard not to smile when looking at this gray cat. The day Sinacore got Grayson, her life was changed.

(Credit: Cameron Sinacore)

“Since I’ve had him, I am able to move places. I’m able to travel more because I have less anxiety and I have less depression, and having him there just makes my life ten times better,” said Sinacore.

Grayson has been Sinacore’s emotional support animal for the past three years. Her therapist said he is needed to help manage her daily life.

Sinacore said, “he could understand when I’m upset, he understands like, he knows when I’m crying, he knows when I’m anxious. And he always just knows how to comfort me. He’ll always just come like lay on me and knows if I’m upset. ”

Now she needs Grayson more than ever. On Christmas Eve, she left him in the car, with no collar, in the parking lot of the Miromar Outlets, and when she came back, the window was open and Grayson was gone.

“He’s just my whole life. And being in a place without him. This doesn’t feel right. It feels just so lonely. And it feels like he needs to be here with me. So I’m not going to stop, and I’m not going to give up until I find him,” said Sinacore.

She has been persistent in her search to find her best friend. Posting on Facebook pages, hanging flyers, hiring pet search and rescue dogs to do scent work, putting out traps, but she hasn’t done it alone.

The rescue center where she adopted Grayson, Haven on Earth Animal League, has invested in bringing her baby home.

A group of volunteers is following a possible lead.

“A few of us for volunteers with the group met up at stony brook community, which is just across the street from Miramar. There’s been a couple of possible sightings over there. A grey cat that, you know, neighbors haven’t seen before. So there’s a good possibility that he could be over there,” said Monica Seif, a volunteer with Haven on Earth Animal League.

The vice president of Haven on Earth Animal League, Diane Filipkowski, said anything could have happened. “The cat obviously either panicked and was hiding which more than likely it could be or it could have jumped out of the car, her car, and gotten into a car that somebody owned in the engine.”

One thing Grayson does have if you think you have found him is a microchip.

“First thing we say to them is, if they find a cat, we say take it to a vet or bring it towards one of our stores where we have a scanner and have the cat scan, and we found we’ve got many, many cats back to their owners because of it,” said Filipkowski.

If you have seen Grayson, or think you have, you are asked to call the Haven on Earth Animal League at (239) 410-9983.

Below you can find the missing cat poster and more photos of Grayson.