Father speaks after daughter is hit, killed by truck in San Carlos Park

Published: January 1, 2022 5:58 PM EST
Updated: January 2, 2022 3:49 PM EST

A family is reeling from the loss of young life. On Thursday night, a 9-year-old girl was hit and killed in the driveway of her home.

Now, WINK News speaks to the young girl’s grieving father as he discusses the family’s loss.

While many families were preparing for their New Year’s parties on Thursday, Joshua Spears got news no parent should get, especially not during the holidays. His 9-year-old daughter Brooklyn Grace Spears had been hit by a pickup truck.

It didn’t hit hard at first when I heard it until the crying and emotions saying ‘I need to get there now.’ So, I immediately pull over on the side of the road,” Spears said.

He was out of state, heading to an event, when he got the call that turned his whole world upside down. Hours away from where he was, his baby girl was lying in the driveway of the San Carlos Park home she lived in.

So how did this happen? Brooklyn’s stepdad was pulling into the driveway on Thursday. He didn’t see her, and then she was hit. She was lying on the pavement.

Connie Myers is Brooklyn’s grandmother. “When he got out, seen her bleeding…there was a lot of blood. He picks her up and moves her. Which number one you should have never done, right?” Myers said. “So after he moved her, I don’t know when from that time the ambulance got there. They took her to the hospital.”

Myers was shaking between sentences as she spoke to WINK News reporter Emma Heaton about what happened to her granddaughter that evening. She discusses the moments that led up to those painful words no grandmother wants to hear.

“On the way, I get a call from the mom, Amanda… and she told me that Brooklyn had passed away,” said Myers.

“Ah…She was my best friend. She was my world. There’s nothing that can replace her, and it hurts. She was just… she never met a stranger. She’d always come to people with her arms wide open. She was just [a] loving and caring little girl. Very respectful,” Spears said through tears as he described his daughter. 

This father and grandmother know that Brooklyn is no longer with us. But what they can’t understand is how or why this happened.

Myers has a list of questions she wants answered to get her closer to feeling like justice has been served. “She was a loving girl. Her dad took her to dances. Her dad bought her cinderella dresses to take her dances,” she said. And we got tape after tape, video after video of her dancing and she’s a sweet girl. Everybody loved Brook. Whoever met her, they loved her. And we just want to serve justice for her. we want answers for her.”

“I come here looking for answers that I still have not found. I’ve been working with local police departments, Florida Highway Patrol, and I still yet to find answers,” said Spears. “So now what I want is justice for my daughter because she deserves it, and what happened on Thursday night was no accident. People need to be brought to justice for what happened to my daughter.”

They promise they won’t stop asking these questions until they have answers.

Florida Highway APtorl is leading this investigation. WINK News reached out to FHP to see if there was any new information in Brooklyn’s case. A lieutenant said the accident is still being investigated.

At the conclusion of the investigation, a traffic homicide report will be released with details and findings.