Supply doesn’t appear to be a problem as SWFL grocery stores ahead of the holiday

Published: December 22, 2021 3:35 PM EST
Updated: December 22, 2021 7:38 PM EST

Shoppers who have yet to head to the grocery store to get their Christmas feast, or may need some last-minute items, may be wondering if they’re everything you’re looking for?

With supply chain issues and buying limits at the stores, how well can you pull off your holiday traditions?

We went to a Walmart, Publix, and Aldi in Cape Coral, and with only a handful of exceptions, shoppers said they found what they needed.

Publix shopper Terri Armstrong is making what she calls her famous lasagna, and she said she had no probelms at all finding the ingredients needed. “The noodles, the cheese, the ricotta, and I got sausages, and chop meat, that’s for the lasagna.”

But Sherri Rinkel from the NE Cape Coral started her day on the hunt for cream cheese to make homemade cheesecake. She found it but worries others will not.

“I’m guessing that it’s going to be less than an hour where the cream cheese is completely gone, there are only a few blocks left,” she added.

The Cape Coral Publix is limiting certain item like cream cheese and half-and-half creamer to two per customer due to a lack of supply, so we headed over to Aldi to see if they had more in stock.

Shopper Mally Himmelein said, “They weren’t out of anything; I did get the last 2 creamers, peppermint, the specialty, but other than that they had everything.”

And Aldi had cream cheese.

When we went to Walmart we noticed they were short on dairy products, hash browns, even frozen french fries.

And both Walmart and Publix were low on paper products like paper towels and plates.