Bus driver surprises students with personalized gifts

Published: December 17, 2021 7:12 PM EST
Updated: December 18, 2021 6:18 AM EST

A bus driver goes above and beyond to give her students the Christmas they deserve. She surprised each child with personalized gifts that fit their wishlists.

The kids who ride bus 2238 for Lee County Schools are on route “Love.” Laquasha Jones is their bus driver. “Regardless of how I feel what’s going on, I believe that you should display love at all times, especially to children. I feel like they need that the most,” Jones said.

And, Ms. Quay’s riders say that the feeling is mutual. Brenna Lean is a 9-year-old student at Heights Elementary School. “I love her a lot, absolutely so much,” she said.

Logan Lean also goes to Heights Elementary. “I love her taller than the highest tower in the world,” Lean said.

Ms. Quay says she knows she’s one of the first faces the kids see in the morning. So, she goes the extra mile to make sure they have a great start to the day.

“We all sing carols on the bus,” Brenna said.

“She’s a great bus driver cause she likes to play music. She likes to sing along with us,” said Logan.

Kelly Lean is Logan and Brenna’s mom. She treasures Ms. Quay, and so do her children. “They talk about her all the time,” said Lean.

“I started realizing that on the days that I would come to work and not feel up to it or just my normal self, that one of the…that those children would get on the bus,” said Jones. “And they would give me something that would illuminate my heart if it was just a smile.”

So, Ms. Quay wanted to do something to show those students just how much she cares. “One day, I just asked, ‘What do you guys want for Christmas?'”

After the kids got their wishlists to her, Ms. Quay delivered. Every one of her students got a special gift. “I got some candy and a jump rope,” Brenna said.

“I asked for football cards because I’m kind of a sporty fan, and I got two legendries,” said Logan.

“I just couldn’t believe that she took the time to find out what they wanted and to actually come back with a gift,” said Kelly.

And a card that was signed, “With love, Miss Quay from bus 2238.”

As many know, the bus drivers in Lee County across Southwest Florida have had it rough the last couple of years.  But, that fantastic bus driver, Ms. Quay, says she’s more worried about what her kids are going through. A smile or song can go a long way.