Air Force veteran pays it forward with Get Well cards

Published: December 10, 2021 5:28 PM EST
Updated: December 10, 2021 6:31 PM EST

A kind gesture from an Air Force veteran looking to pay it forward.

Renee Whisner sent more than 3,000 “Get Well” cards to veteran hospitals and nursing homes across Florida.

Whisner is paralyzed from the chest down.

She wanted to do something to help other veterans feel the warmth she did when she got cards in the hospital.

“I believe I need to be in service, that is the only way to survive anymore,” Whisner said.

Whisner was paralyzed after a 2014 car crash.

Despite her injury, Whisner is in good spirits.

One thing that helped her when she was at VA hospital in Tampa?

Notes, well wishes and cards.

“My church did a card shower for me while I was up there for a 5-month recovery and so many cards, hundreds of cards were coming in,” Whisner said.

But no one sent any of the other veterans in her hospital any.

“When I left there, I said I gotta get cards up there,” she said.

That simple thought led to 3,161 cards.

“We did good,” she said while laughing. “I’m hoping that they feel thought of and knowing that we out here are thinking about them.”

Through her website, Whisner asked people to send her blank cards. Then she got students in Lee and Collier counties to write in them.

On Friday, she shipped those cards off to all 13 veteran hospitals and nursing homes in Florida.

“A card, it may seem small but I do know what’s it going to do for the veteran when they receive it and that is going to be outstanding laughs​,” Whisner said. “I’m very excited.”

Whisner thanked all of the teachers who let their students write in the cards.


To learn more about Whisner, visit her website.

Visit Whisner’s YouTube page here.