Video shows woman clinging to a car’s hood as it swerves down a Cape Coral street

Published: December 8, 2021 9:35 PM EST
Updated: December 9, 2021 8:00 AM EST

A woman was hanging onto the hood of a car as it swerved through an intersection in Cape Coral. Police say it all started after the woman began chasing another driver.

On Friday, the woman crashed her car and ended up on the hood of the car she had been chasing along Del Prado Boulevard. Cape Coral police said it could have been deadly.

The driver of the car the woman was holding onto told WINK News he drove about a mile with the woman on his hood. People who saw the whole thing unfold are shocked.

Jose works nearby at a taco truck and saw the commotion. “When I look up there was this guy on top of the hood, driving down the road and like another guy chasing the car down to down the road.”

A Cape Coral traffic report describes it starting with a chase. The report said the woman was chasing a white car. During that chase, she crashed into a U-Haul.

The driver of the white car told police his ex then jumped on the hood of the car. The woman claims he tried to run her over, so she had to jump on the car to avoid going under it.

Master Corporal Phil Mullen of the Cape Coral Police Department said no matter what, it was dangerous. “The potential for you rolling off that car and suffering a head injury. It’s very, very easy to do and life-threatening.”

The driver of the white car told police he had to drive off with her on the hood. He claims someone was running toward him with a gun and was scared for his life and the life of the kids in the car.

“It was a pretty big deal. Like next thing you know, was cops everywhere,” said Jose.

Police spoke to both drivers and said the whole thing began as a custody dispute.

Jose told me the intersection is no place to solve issues. “This intersection over here is pretty busy most of the time.”

Cape Coral police said they are still actively investigating the incident. The case is now assigned to the major crimes unit and charges are possible.