Kids spreading kindness: ‘The Kindness Squad’ organizes a Christmas event

Published: December 5, 2021 6:45 PM EST
Updated: December 5, 2021 10:17 PM EST

The junior board of Beverly’s Angels consists of five kids. Their goal is to spread kindness and help kids’ causes. This group of local kids known as “The Kindness Squad” is working hard to make other kids have a great Christmas.

Sunday’s event is was called Rocking Around the Christmas Tree Farm.

These kids have seen their less-fortunate classmates struggle and have been inspired to help out. The small kids want to make a huge impact.

Madeline Rigsby is in the third grade. “Our mission is to help other kids. To have a better life and a better Christmas,” Rigsby said.

The Kindness Squad is a group of children ages seven to 12 who strive to make a difference in Southwest Florida. Brooklyn Long is also a third-grader. “It’s about giving to people that don’t have. That don’t have everything,” said Long.

The event on Sunday night was the group’s way of making a difference during the holidays.

Faith Schawlback is the founder of Beverly’s Angels. “They just wanted to get the word out to let other kids know that we see them and that they want to help them,” said Schawlback.

Each kid in this group has their own special project work on this holiday season. These range from toy and pajama drives to selling stuffed teddy bears. “To help a sad kid or a kid that doesn’t really have much,” said Rigsby.

JT Hinley is in third grade. “They have something to snuggle with,” said Hinley.

The kids even got a little helping hand from Santa himself. Christian Whitlock is in the fifth grade. “It makes people happy to see other people happy. So why not make people happy?” said Whitlock.

“It’s just the spirit that’s within them. And with our world, as it is today kindness is really so much needed,” Schwalback said.

The board was founded in 2020 and the idea behind it was for this group of kids to identify the needs of other kids in their community. Now, the kids have decided to make their own impact.