The do’s and don’ts of Black Friday

Having a list is a great start for Black Friday.

As the Season of Savings kickoff, there are some things you should and shouldn’t do when you’re trying to score the deal. Consumer Analyst Julie Ramhold said it’s best to plan your mission.

“Pick your favorite retailers, look over the ads, get an idea of what you want, and what prices are going to be like and where you can shop so that you can kind of hit the ground running,” Ramhold said.

But steer clear of Black Friday exclusive labels and models.

Many times those purchases come with restrictions.

“I don’t want to use the term shady, but it is kind of shady,” Ramhold said. You may find out after the fact that it doesn’t have the same capabilities that you wanted, or it’s a cheaper version of something than you wanted. And you would have been better off just buying the model that you were more familiar with.”

And if you’re hoping for discounts on the new gaming consoles, Ramhold said don’t hold your breath.

They are already hard to find this year, let alone on sale.

“They’re at list price, which we completely expected because it’s been so hard to keep them in stock, that even if retailers could offer discounts on them, they don’t really have an incentive to because they’re in super high demand,” Ramhold said.

The more research you put in before you go Black Friday shopping the more money can stay in your pocket.

“If you have something very specific in mind that you want, then it’s absolutely worth checking out to see if there’s going to be a deal on it and how much you can save,” Ramhold said.

But remember, are you really saving money if it’s not something you planned on getting in the first place?

Don’t try to get to your favorite store’s doors after you finish eating tomorrow.

Most retailers are closed on Thanksgiving Day but some will open earlier on Black Friday.

But online sales are starting as early as midnight.

Just check your favorite store.

Also don’t forget Small Business Saturday, Artist Sunday and Cyber Monday.


Reporter:Andryanna Sheppard
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