Farm City Barbecue raising money for kids programs in Collier County

Published: November 24, 2021 4:27 PM EST
Updated: November 24, 2021 4:34 PM EST

The place to be the day before Thanksgiving in Collier County is Farm City Barbecue in Immokalee. People attending the event filled up a plate with some delicious food while helping the community all at once.

Dave Weston, chairman of Farm City Barbecue said, “sometimes you see people one time a year and it’s here.”

For 65 years, the barbecue has raised money to support youth development programs.

Amanda Beights, the senior director of leadership programs with the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce said, “we work with students from all over collier county each year in the summer to help them develop leadership skills. So that they are inspired to get engaged, get involved and develop their future careers and leadership skills here.”

Trish Hare benefited from one of those programs. She came to the barbecue to pay it forward. “I’m a youth leadership Collier grad. Such a wonderful program and it’s so great to see all of these people supporting our youngsters and our kids and our community.”

Lori Monserrat came to Farm City to support kids who want a career on a farm. “I’m an animal lover and I love these kids who are connecting with animals. I think it teaches you such deeper lessons in life to care for another being is very special.”

“4H club, they’re well known for learning how to raise cattle and the process in the agricultural lifestyle and community and there’s a big agricultural community here in Immokalee,” said Weston.

Thanks to Farm City barbecue, kids in Immokalee, and across Collier County, will get a chance to pursue their dreams whatever they may be.