SWFL West Point Cadet helps others follow in his footsteps

A young man filled with great conviction made it all the way to West Point.

Now Cole Breton is trying to get others to follow in his footsteps. On Monday, 20-year-old Breton, was at Florida SouthWestern State College to talk to those interested in West Point.

Breton’s dad has been gone for a long time but his son hasn’t forgotten his lessons.

God, family and respect for everyone.

Breton was 12 years old and in seventh grade when his father died.

“He ended up having emergency surgery on Christmas Eve in 2013 and then sadly had to be put on life-support and then we made a decision to take him off a few days later,” Breton said. “I remember thinking it wasn’t real for about a few months after that and I didn’t really know what to do.”

But Breton eventually figured it out.

He worked two jobs to help his mother buy groceries while at the same time going to school and running track.

As he got older, he talked to his mom about enlisting, but she said no.

“She said, hey, if you want to go to West Point go for it,” Breton said. “So that kind of stirred me in that direction.”

Getting into the United States Military Academy is no easy trick.

But Breton, who was nominated by then-Congressman Francis Rooney, made it to West Point.

And Breton is sure his dad is proud.

“It’s a thing I think about a lot because he actually never knew that I wanted to go into the military. I never got to talk to him about that, so I think he would be really proud about who I am today,” Breton said. “I try to be as much like him as possible.”

Breton honors his dad, his mother and twin brother by not only serving his country, but also encouraging other young men to follow his lead. He is two years away from his degree in cyber science.

Reporter:Andrea Guerrero
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