SWFL Eagle Cam shows egg in Harriet’s nest

Southwest Florida’s favorite eagle has her 21st egg. Harriet the eagle had her 21st egg in the 10 years that the streaming eagle cam has existed. This is also her first egg of the season.

SWFL is now on eagle watch.

WINK News was able to get reaction to the new egg. Karen Devens says she’s been waiting for this day. “We’ve been thinking any day now. Any day now and oh my gosh it’s the day and we’re here this is amazing,” Devens said.

Devens was at Harriet’s nest in North Fort Myers waiting patiently to snap a picture of Harriet’s nest. she got one just moments before the egg was laid. “Harriet was here on the nest. And she hopped up and was a bit vocal. And then she hopped into the nest. And then we got a call from our friends who were on the cam saying ‘hey there’s an egg!’ ‘there’s an egg! ‘And we’re like ‘oh my gosh! She had an egg!'”

Evelyn Reiner says she’s never been this close. “I’ve never been this close to where an eagle lays an egg,” Reiner said.

After the egg was spotted in the nest, bird watchers waited for the father to arrive. “We’re waiting for dad to get the news that he’s about to be a father again,” Devens said.

M-15 came back to the nest around 5:30 p.m. on Saturday.

With a 35-day incubation period, we may have a Christmas eaglet. “It would be very exciting. It would be a blessing,” said Reiner.

“We’re on Eagle baby watch!” said Devens.

If you’d like to keep up with Harriet and watch the eagle cam, you can do so on this link.


Reporter:Zach Oliveri
Writer:Drew Hill
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