Testimony in Michael Zutten trial begins

Testimony got underway on Friday in the trial of a Southwest Florida man who is accused of killing his fiance and disposing of her body.

Michael Zutten is accused of killing Heather Grimshaw in 2015 then posting on Facebook about hiding bodies.

The prosecution came out with strong words at the Collier County Courthouse. They wanted to show the jury that not only Michael Zutten a liar, he’s also a killer. They are trying to prove that Zutten is the one who dumped Heather Grimshaw’s remains in a state park.

Zutten claims that his live-in girlfriend went on a hiking trip.

Lisa Lagergren was Grimshaw’s boss at the time of her disappearance. Grimshaw was a reliable delivery person. She would take flowers home with her so she could get an early start the following day. That’s what happened on August 21, 2015, the night before she disappeared.

“She was very pleasant, very friendly, and she was professional. She did what she came to do, which was deliver flowers,” Lagergren said. She also says she was reliable and communicated when she was going to be late.

A detective with the Collier County Sheriff’s Office says when he went to Zutten’s house, he told the defendant he was looking for Grimshaw. Zuttne’s response was, “so am I.”

Grimshaw’s daughter arrived after the prosecution started to call witnesses. Members of the victim’s family said she did not want to talk about her mother’s death at this time.

Reporter:Annette Montgomery
Writer:Drew Hill
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