Concerns that Dalmatians are part of string of dog thefts in Cape Coral

A devastated dog owner is searching for answers after Dalmatian puppies were stolen from her Cape Coral home. The puppies’ mother can’t stop looking for them.

Now, there is concern that these dogs being stolen were part of a string of dog thefts.

Mercedez Fernandez says someone stole all six of her Dalmatian puppies from her living room. “All of the sudden, they’re there, and in one moment they’re gone like disappeared,” Fernandez said.

Cape PD says someone took a mother and her five French bulldog puppies from Jami Beach’s home just a quarter of a mile away. “My dogs are my family, so it’s very devastating to come home and not have my babies at home,” Beach said.

Then there was a Facebook post from Imary Cruz. She feared a DoorDash driver took her new puppy. She adopted him just weeks before from the Cape Coral Animal Shelter. Liz Mcauley is the executive director for the Cape Coral Animal Shelter. She assisted in the search and put the post on Facebook.

“That gentleman saw the post. He had already given the dog to someone else from what I understand, but he was able to get the dog back, and luckily curry was reunited with his family,” said Mcauley.

“I’m so happy to have my dog back,” said Cruz.

Cape Coral Police Department Master Corporal Phil Mullen says the detective working on the French Bulldog case knows where the dogs are. “Just a simple matter of one person thinks they own the dogs and the other person thinks they do. That’s something that will have to be settled in civil court,” said Mullen. “Those animals are OK.”

Cape Coral Police also say that the detective working the Dalmatian case does have a lead. Cape PD is asking for your help. If you see anyone on Facebook or Craigslist trying to sell Dalmatian puppies, call them at (239) 574-3223.

Reporter:Emma Heaton
Writer:Drew Hill
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