Naples protesters stand in solidarity with Cuba

The fight for freedom continues as protesters again lined the streets demanding a better life for the Cuban people.

People in Naples are standing in solidarity with those in Cuba. They want to bring attention to the political climate on the island.

The Cuban government has cut off internet access for those on the island until Wednesday. Nearly 100 people filled a Naples sidewalk on Monday to demand fundamental rights for Cubans. They say they were out on the streets here for those who can’t be over there.

Omar Del Pozo continues to fight for the freedom of Cubans. He says he was imprisoned in Cuba for nine years. “I created political opposition,” Pozo said. “We were beaten. We were sent to prison.”

His story was captured in the National Library of Medicine. So now, he’s joining people in Naples tat say Cubans have fought oppression for more than 60 years. “Sometimes, American people doesn’t know what they have. What it means to have been born in this country,” said Pozo.

Others protested for their families that are still on the island. Elandis Pandi said basic American freedoms aren’t provided to Cuban citizens. “They can’t go to the store and buy food. They have… they give them, they have a booklet, and from that, that’s how they can buy the stuff over there,” said Pandi.

The pandemic has made life in Cuba even more difficult. “My cousin got the virus over there, and when she went to the hospital, she had to take her own pillow. Pillow, food, everything,” Pandi said.

Jennifer Munoz says she still has family in Cuba as well. “I have my grandparents and all of my cousins over there. And they are going through a tough time. If they are out there fighting, we can be out here supporting them,” Munoz said.

They’re all rallying in solidarity with their mission for freedom. Guerds Jean wants to fight for everyone’s freedom. “I’m Haitian, so I believe that freedom and liberty for one country in the Caribbean is freedom and liberty for all of Latin America,” said Jean.

Theresa Barbale also came to Monday’s protest. “We’re all peaceful and were praying. Were in union with them and were being their voice here,” said Barbale.

People at the protest told WINK News that they would continue to fight for freedom for Cuba for as long as it takes.

Reporter:Amanda Porter
Writer:Drew Hill
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