Salon raises money, awareness about high rates of suicide among veterans

A Cape Coral salon is holding a fundraiser on Friday to help raise awareness about the high rate of veterans who die by suicide.

The salon Somewhere on 47th Terrace, located in Cape Coral, is holding an event called “Saving Lives One Clip at a Time.” Not only can you get a haircut, but there’s also an opportunity to donate to charity.

Some of the people who stopped by Somewhere on 47th Terrace on Friday were regulars, and others were first-timers. All of them helped make a difference.

Hollis Bellerose came to get a haircut. “We know that it’s important to support veterans and their mental health, so just a really important cause,” Bellerose said.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention reports that one in five people who die by suicide are veterans. Funding to care for these veterans is falling short. So, the owner of this Cape Coral Salon, Bob King, is stepping up.

King is a veteran himself. “I spent some time in the Marine Corps years ago, and I’ve seen how our veterans that are returning from combat are really struggling with everyday life,” said King.

This cause is close to his heart because his uncle, a Vietnam veteran, took his own life. “When people get to that point, it’s really important to let them know that there’s resources out there that they can reach out for, and people are willing to help them and listen,” King said.

The salon’s goal is to raise $30,000, and that money will be spent locally. Most of those funds will be going to the Fort Myers Vet Center.

Veteran Outreach specialist for Fort Myers Vet Center, Scott Hartford, told WINK News that there is an urgent need to help struggling veterans. “The transition from what you do in the military to civilian life is is like flipping a coin,” Hartford said. For too many veterans flipping that coin is tough.

To help out, you can go to Soemnwhere on 47th Terrace and get a haircut, wash and dry, all for $25. This fundraiser runs until 8 a.m. on Saturday.

Reporter:Tiffany Rizzo
Writer:Drew Hill
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