Senator Rick Scott thanking veterans at a Collier County VFW

Senator Rick Scott was in Southwest Florida on Thursday to honor local veterans. He joined Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart at the VFW Post 7721 in Collier County to thank veterans for their service.

Bruce Page, who lives in Naples said, “it’s such an honor for us to be able to lift up all of our veterans. Whether they’re here, they’re gone, they passed or whatever but we love them all.”

Arthur Puch fought in World War II as a marine. He said you can’t put a price on what a day like Veterans Day means. “People are willing to give their lives, they pledge. That oath to say that ‘I’m willing to give my life for the country.'”

Senator Scott thanked everyone who attended for their service to America and for making the American dream possible. “I was born in America where anything was doable,” said Scott.

Puch is thankful the senator visited on Veterans Day. “He makes us feel important. Particularly when he offers to help us in any way possible.”

For Scott, Veterans Day reminds him of his dad. “I think about the service that he what he went through, did all the combat jumps in the second world war, never thinking he would come back alive most of his friends died in, in the battles he did for combat jumps. And I think of him every day, I think of how tough it was on him.”

Senator Scott is a veteran himself, serving four years in the navy.

Reporter:Michael Hudak
Writer:Matthew Seaver
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