Marco Island Police looking for man who hit seagull with shovel

Published: November 8, 2021 9:56 PM EST
Updated: November 8, 2021 10:45 PM EST

The Marco Island Police Department is looking for a man who used a shovel to hurt a seagull.

MIPD and Florida Fish and Wildlife could not give an update on the condition of that bird. However, no one in Southwest Florida wanted to see or hear about a bird being injured.

Craig Jobin said seeing a man attack a seagull with a shovel wasn’t beautiful. “I think it’s a pretty terrible thing. I’m amazed that he got away without somebody responding to him, you know, trying to stand up for the seagull or whatever,” Jobin said.

Someone was able to report it and get a picture of the man. Now, Marco Island PD needs your help identifying him. The photo was taken on November 5 on South Beach on Marco  Island.

“Seagull, any type of animal really, why do you wanna harm it, you know, so it’s gonna be some kind of mental illness or alcohol, God knows what, you know,” said Jobin.

Dave Lilly says it’s not okay to hurt animals. “It’s simple. If you hurt an animal that can’t defend itself, what are you gonna do with like a little kid or something? It’s messed up. It ain’t right,” Lilly said.

Now, those two are hoping the guy gets caught.

“I hope they apprehend him, really. Anybody that does something like this deserves to be caught and made an example of really,” Jobin said.

“I think it’s messed up. And I hope they find whoever did it, and I hope he gets the justice he deserves,” said Lilly.

Seagulls can detect food from up to three miles away. If some are becoming a nuisance to you, consider putting your food away. Even if you would like to feed them, FWC recommends keeping human food to yourself.