Family speaks out after a mother and grandmother were shot in front of children

A mother and grandmother were gunned down, and now WINK News is hearing from their family.

The woman’s children are staying with family now. Those kids were so close to the victim when she was shot that they had blood on them. Deputies wrapped crime scene tape around the family’s home for hours. This home is located in the 18000 block of Apple Road in San Carlos Park.

Their grandmother, Jeanne Pierre Charles Andre, was shot first. Their mother Ann Mureille Fleury then ran to the neighbors’ house for help. But she was shot and killed in the neighbor’s yard.

Now, their father is behind bars and is accused of murder.

The two-year-old girl was crying for her grandmother, and the six-year-old boy was trying to sleep when all of this unfolded.

The woman’s aunt says the six-year-old is worried that their father, Ethan Cartwright, 31, might come back.

These two children saw something that they will never be able to forget. The two-year-old still cries for her grandma. Julienne Fleury is the children’s aunt. “She keeps saying ‘grandma grandma grandma grandma.’ Her son 6. He’s been telling the story of grandma get killed by his father, you know,” said Fleury.

The young boy explains it all in detail. “He explains it all. He saw a lot of blood, you know, things like that,” said Fleury.

Julienne Fleury, the aunt of the young mother who was gunned down, told WINK News that Ethan Cartwright came to her home a week before the murders. “You don’t usually come to my house as a friend, you know, like around 5 in the morning, for me to open the door, for you to take a shower. So I didn’t open my door,” Fleury said.

Julienne believes Cartwright wanted to kill her and other family members before killing his children’s mother. “We don’t know what to do. We keep thinking. We cannot sleep, you know. Our heart became heavy when, you know, a lack of stress on us now. We’re very depressed, we keep crying, and we keep trusting God to help us,” said Fleury.

In Ethan Cartwright’s arrest report, a friend told Lee County Deputies that Cartwright sent them a picture of one of the victims and admitted to killing the women. Cartwright could face second-degree murder and child cruelty charges. Currently, he’s being held without bond.

Cartwright’s next scheduled hearing is for Dec. 6 at 8:30 a.m.

Reporter:Amanda Porter
Writer:Drew Hill
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