1 killed in fiery crash in Collier County

Florida Highway Patrol says one person has died after crashing into a tree on Saturday night.

According to troopers, the car was going south on Quail Forest Blvd. in Collier County when it went off the road, hit a tree and became engulfed in flames.

Jacob lives in Naples. “I heard a loud boom. And immediately walked out my door and saw flames,” he said.  When he saw the flames, he sprinted towards the car hoping to help whoever had been driving.

“Tried to get close to the car. At that point, it was engulfed in flames and there wasn’t much anyone could do,” Jacob said.

Now, members of this community have been left with evidence of the tragedy. There are tire marks on the grass and broken glass where the car once was. “That hit pretty hard when someone died a tragic death like that a few hundred feet from where I live,” said Michael Novotny.

Neighbors want to remember the life that was lost. They’ve put up a memorial under the tree that the driver hit complete with flowers and balloons.

Jacob went to this spot as well, to place a bouquet of flowers and pay his respects. “I just wish that I could’ve got there quicker or maybe… maybe the fire wasn’t an issue,” he said.

Troopers say they are working to identify the person who was killed in the crash. They say no one else was in the car and have not said what caused the car to leave the roadway. FHP has also not said how fast the driver was going before they hit the tree.

Reporter:Zach Oliveri
Writer:Matthew Seaver
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