Spooky Alley in Cape Coral.

‘Spooky Alley’ is back in Cape Coral for Halloween frights

Setting the scene for nights of spooks and scares! Since 2013, people in one Cape Coral neighborhood have set up “Spooky Alley” a Halloween attraction bringing in hundreds of kids.

The pandemic limited last year’s display, and in 2019 the City threatened to take down the display over a code violation.

With just 10 days until Halloween, it’s showing on SW 10th Avenue. You’ll see headstones, witches, and skulls galore.

There’s something for people of all ages to enjoy.

Halloween is the happiest time of the year for Courtney Klappert. She loves turning her home into what some in the Cape call Spooky Alley.

“Spooky Alley is a town of Halloween neighbors,” Klappert said, “So we’ve got all kinds of spooky and scary and creepy creatures, old-school monsters.”

She’s been decorating for the holiday for the last nine years and entertaining thousands of people. “In 2019, we had 1,501 people here on Halloween night.”

That’s after the City threatened to shut down Spooky Alley after someone filed a code enforcement complaint.

Last year Klappert had to scale back her display because of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year she’s expecting her venue to be bigger and better than ever. “We’re excited to go back to a more walk-through style format where people can go inside.”

From scary pumpkin heads to black cats and witches brew. Most of the items you see here, Klappert and her husband have recycled and turned into something new.

“This year, we’re calling it a hybrid. You can still see a lot from the street, but if you’re brave enough to come through the gate, there are whole sections that you can’t see until you get back in there,” she explained.

While Spooky Alley looks good to go, don’t come on down just yet.

It doesn’t officially open until Halloween night, and it’s free and for all ages.

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