LeeTran bringing on-demand transportation trial to Bonita Springs

LeeTran will test out a cheap on-demand transportation service in Bonita Springs in which you can get door-to-door service for $1.50.

The service is called Mobility on Demand and it will operate in a fashion similar to Uber, only cheaper.

LeeTran knows the demographics in Bonita Springs are changing and evolving, and they want transportation services. It’s going to offer rides within certain service areas in the town, similar to the public bus stops that already exist, but with some additional areas, the goal being to provide easier, cheaper, safer trips.

“Accessibility, availability, and safety,” said Robert Codie, director of LeeTran. “Imagine making a phone call for a transit service in the confines of your own home, at work or at a medical facility, as opposed to standing on element during rainy season, and during our humidity-driven summers as well as our hot days. So it affords an opportunity for our patients to be in a comfortable environment while requesting transit services.”

If Mobility on Demand takes off and does well in Bonita Springs, which LeeTran expects it to do, then it might expand to other places of Lee County, like Fort Myers.

“In our transportation development plan, we looked at four other areas to implement this Mobility on Demand service,” Codie said. “Bonita Springs, you have Lehigh Acres, you have northwest Cape Coral, to include North Fort Myers, as well as within the city limits of Cape Coral. So those are four primary areas. And we looked at a fifth. But that’s still under consideration. And we’ll have some further research.”

The timeline to have this set up and ready to go in Bonita Springs is by January 2022.

Reporter:Michael Hudak
Writer:Joey Pellegrino
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